Verifier FAQ

InVerify is a national provider of Employment and Income Verification Services. We represent employees and employers in every state in the U.S. Over 30,000 registered verifiers use our service.

InVerify is an employment and income verification service that employers use to provide instant responses to inquiries about employment and income data. InVerify fulfills these requests through our website. As a requestor who is using the information for providing Public Assistance, please register at and follow the steps online as a Government Verifier. If you have questions about registration please contact customer service at 866-295-7363.

A Government Verifier is a representative for a Government Agency that is trying to verify another person’s employment or income information for Public Assistance or Housing. Documentation will be required to complete the registration process. Examples of Government verifiers include:

  • Social Services, Human Services, Child Support, Family Services
  • Housing Authority
  • Apartment or other property providing low income or subsidized housing
  • Work Program
  • Medicaid
  • Social Security Administration
  • Hospital providing financial aid
  • School that needs Income Verification for Head Start or other Government Assistance programs

If the request is for Public Assistance, there is no fee.

The registration can be completed either the same day, or next business day, depending on when the documentation is provided.

Registration on our website is done individually, so any verifier can register as an agent of his/her agency.

Always double check with your supervisor. Unlike other Verification services, InVerify does not charge a fee for Government Agencies providing assistance.

If you still are not given permission to register, you may fax us the request to 720-358-2700. Please include the Employer Name, full SSN of employee, and a good fax number for the return information. Please note that these reports must be run manually and may take 2-3 business days to complete.

The Government Verifier registration is only for requests for Public Assistance, provided as a Public Service by InVerify. Employment screening for the purposes of hiring would be considered a commercial transaction and would need to be requested as a Commercial Verifier.

InVerify does not provide a list of our clients for privacy reasons. You will be directed to InVerify by the employee or employer for whom you are requesting information.

The website is updated each payroll period for each employee.

Our reports are designed to include information required by Federal, State and local government agencies across the country. Some information will vary by employer.

  • Employment Verification Report
    This report provides employment verification information including employment start date and position. (Click here for an example)
  • Income Verification Report
    This report provides everything in the Employment Verification Report PLUS Current Salary Information. This does NOT include history. (Click here for an example)
  • Income Verification Report with Salary History
    This report provides everything in the Income Verification Report PLUS Salary History Information.(Click here for an example)

Government Agencies do not need an Income Key to obtain salary information.

Yes, your report is accessible for 14 days. When you view and/or print it after the initial run, the date and any new information will be refreshed.

"This Social Security number is not in our records or does not match the given Company Code! Please contact our support team for additional assistance (866) 295-7363."
This indicates that we may not have a record for that person. Please confirm the following:

  • The company code was entered correctly
  • The employee has received at least 1 paycheck. We will not have the employee information until the first payday + 2-3 business days for processing.
  • The SSN for the employee was entered correctly. Transposition of numbers or using the co-borrower’s SSN is a common problem.
  • The employee was not a contractor with that employer. This can be confirmed by checking the paystub or W-2 to see if the employer’s name is printed there. We will not have contractor pay information.

If it is a former employee that we may not have records for or any other reason, please contact InVerify Support at 866-295-7363. We will let you know how you can obtain the information you are looking for.

Your Username will be the email address you registered with. If you forgot your password, at the log in screen please enter your Username and click "Forgot Your Password?" to be sent a Password Reset.

A special character is one of the symbols located above the numbers on your keyboard.

Please call Customer Support at 866-295-7363 for assistance. Business hours are 8 am to 4 pm MT.

Customer Service Support Hours:

  • Mon – Fri. 7AM – 3PM (Pacific Time)
  • Mon – Fri. 8AM – 4PM (Mountain Time)
  • Mon – Fri. 9AM – 5PM (Central Time)
  • Mon – Fri. 10AM – 6PM (Eastern Time)

Still have questions? Contact us for more information.