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Commercial Registration

  • Bank, mortgage company, financial institution
  • Employment screening company verifying background
  • New employer recruiting or hiring an employee represented by InVerify
  • Auto dealership providing financing for an employee
  • Landlord or Property Manager and need to verify employment data

Government Registration

  • Social Services agency administering eligibility for public benefits
  • Child Care Support agency and need to determine income
  • Workforce Development agency and need employment data
  • Division of Human Services and need employment data
  • State, Federal or Local agency requiring employment and income data
  • Housing Authority and need to determine eligibility for assistance
  • Third Party representing a Housing Authority and need employment data
  • Social Security Administration and need to audit earnings
  • Legal firm and have a court order to obtain employment data
  • Property Management who need to determine eligibility for housing assistance (subsidized/low income)

Employee Registration

  • I am an employee of an employer represented by InVerify
  • View my personal verification report (internal use only)
  • View how many verifiers have executed verifications on my behalf
  • I need documents for International Travel (Immigration Letter, Visa Letter)

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For assistance with Employment and Income verifications please contact our support team.

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