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Apartment/Property Management
If you are an Apartment Complex or Property Management Company, please answer the following questions

[General Note]

In order to process your application, your agency/organization will need to provide proof of your need for employment and income verifications, as well as your agency/organization's program purpose.

Examples include:
  • Apartment Complex / Property Management
  • HUD Rent Schedule
  • Rural Development Rent Schedule
  • Section 42 Certification
  • L.U.R.A.: Land Use Restriction Agreement (it must specify the land will be used for
  • low-income housing)
Other Agencies
  • Copy of government contract
  • Copy of grant letter
  • Copy of annual report with funding detail
  • Documentation indication a relationship with a Government agency

Failure to provide supporting documentation may delay processing of your agreement or disqualify your application.

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