Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service

Employee Verification Services

Easier for your Employees, Easier For You

Our Employee Self Service portal is designed to put the control back in the hands of your employees.

InVerify knows all employees are not the same. Our Employee Self Service portal has been designed for those employees who are interested in actively engaging in the employee verification process. At a minimum, if you need to manage or setup your Income Key please follow the link below:

Learn more about the Income Key

If you are ready to utilize our Employee Self Service portal please register with us and setup a username and password to access the following employee verification services:

Employee Usage Report

Determine who has executed a verification report on your profile. Specify a timeframe and obtain a list of who has executed a report, the type of report and date it was executed.

Immigration Letter

Print out or download an Employment Letter designed specifically for use as employment and income verification with Immigration Offices.

Request International Travel Documents

(Business Visa Letter & Invitation Requests) - For employees traveling out of the country, download a Business Visa Letter to take with you on your trip. Additionally, we can submit a request for an invitation for the host country prior to your travels.

Supplying or Managing your Income Key

This service can also be accessed without having an employee username and password.

Unofficial Employee Only Copy of Verification Report

If you would like to review the verification report for your employee records, login and obtain access. This report is for employee use only and cannot be distributed to third party verifiers (banks, mortgage or other verifiers).

Manage or setup your income key

Learn more about our easy to use employment and income verification service